Milo Boggs

Wild eyed, purple haired gnome bastard and alchemist


Baron Lucas Morovan was a influential and noble lord of Fal Tannor. The Morovans have always been a proud and noble House and strong defenders of the crown. Lucas’ bride, the beautiful and cunning Baroness Sharell Morovan, gave him two children – Kalladd, a dashing and strong knight, and Delerdra, a beauty every bit as shrewd as her mother.

While his children were young, Baron Lucas answered Duke Lornodel’s call in the north, and for a year campaigned against the goblinoids that threatened the borders of Tellarainne.

When he returned south, it was with a mixture of honour and shame. While pivotal in assuring Tellarainne’s safety, the Baron’s dalliances with a gnome tavern girl (possibly named Rosie) had produced a baby son that he carried home in his arms. The child had already been named Milo Boggs, and, against the wishes of the Baroness, was to be raised as a noble in Fal Tannor.
Unfortunately, the northern conflict had a damaging effect on the Baron, and his health deteriorated until his untimely death short years later.

While largely ignored and neglected, Milo was raised as to his father’s wishes, displaying a dizzying intellect that many found “unnatural”. Milo was just as ignored in Court as he was at home. During the years before the Academy, he was sent with most of the noble boys and girls to the palace to learn the courtly ways. Milo was often picked on, as was a mentally handicapped cousin of the Royals named Eldryn Herond. One day Milo saw the older noble boys beating poor Eldryn. As one, Milo and a young Prince Ronan confronted the bullies, which resulted in them turning on all three. While greatly outmatched, Milo and the Prince fought with heart. Eventually, Eldryn fought back and the three boys held off five larger noble lads til palace staff separated them. From then on, the larger boys rarely bullied the three companions. The three were sometimes joined on their adventures by Eldryn’s often troublemaking sister, Iarien (it was frowned upon for the young ladies to be spending too much time with the boys). Some of their most exciting (and painfully punished) memories come from these times together.

When he came of age, Milo enrolled in the Tellerainne Academy of Higher Learning and Arcane Arts (or simply the Academy). The massive complex of learning in Fal Tannor taught predominately cultural arts, but also trained in scholarly pursuits as well as arcane magics. In his first year, Milo maintained his friendship with the young Prince. They shared many introductory arcane classes. Ronan was a younger sibling, also often ignored and considered soft. His primary interests were in the magical songs of the ancients, and while he and Milo remained friends, their education followed different paths.

Milo became obsessed with the arcane art of alchemy, and was nearly dismissed from the Academy for his failing arcane studies. It was an aged and nearly retired wizard named Professor Andar Gryst who saw the potential in young Milo, and supported his continued education. Taking Milo under his wing, Professor Andar shared all he knew of alchemy with Milo. After two years, he explained to Milo that he had no more to teach. To learn more, Milo would have to travel to the legendary Lone Tower of Wizardry called Xan Tareth in middle of northern Lake Talien. However, Gryst warned, the stuffy wizards of the Tower were much the same as the wizards of the Academy. He said perhaps Milo would be better served by “personal study”. The Professor, often calling Milo “Est Emroth” or “Little Storm,” sensed his pupil’s often “frantic” and perhaps fae nature. He suggested the Realm had a part for young Milo that he would have to discover outside of a tome or laboratory.

While Ronan has become an accomplished minstrel, Eldryn spends most of his time at home rather than Court, and Iarien has been sent to the Temple of the Goddess, these childhood friendships have persisted. In fact, when the Prince’s parents decided to send him north to Brinigarr to toughen his softer ways, Milo made arrangements to accompany him.

Milo Boggs

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