Tellarainne – a Kingdom of beauty, music, and love

Tellarainne River – the great river that the Kingdom is named for

Fal Tannor – the palace and capital city

Brinnigarr – the northern stronghold

Gorra – outpost guarding the Pass of Mooncast Shadow

Larenth – the castle controlling the richest farmlands in the Kingdom

Durig – the castle/mine of House Durig

Garnell – a center of farmer and river commerce

Anaire – a keep of prominent Court influence

Port Moody – a small fishing town

Bromden – a quaint farming community

Xan Tarenth- the Tower of Wizardry on Lake Talien

Will-O-Wisp Inn – an Inn just south of Brinnigarr

Norungarr Mountains – the mountain range that surrounds and protects Tellarainne

Bazerl Duerrack – a lost Dwarven Stronghold of arcane power.

Yarneya Nadath – the southern mystical forest

Cassell Nadath – the more primal northern woods


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