History and Religion

Much of the history of Tellarainne (and, in fact, the Realm) is shrouded in mystery.

Untold ages ago, the Goddess created the Realm around her.
The order and importance of her creations are the subject of much argument. However, it is generally agreed that the elven race was the first upon the Realm. They formed Kingdoms and the High Courts, ruling the Realm until recent recorded history. Over the last millennia, the elven race has begun to diminish. Though no longer as long lived, these lesser half-elves grew rapidly in number. Few true blood elves still rule. In fact, many have retreated from the rise of civilization and the end of their age into the Wilds of the Realm. Many true bloods resent what has happened to their once great people. Some claim a similar relationship between the mystical gnome and grounded halfling races. Regardless, the lines between races has begun to blur.

Legend says that the Bay of Tears, and even the name of the Court of Tears, came from some cataclysmic event involving lost love and unimaginable magical forces. Variations of this legend have persisted, often replacing the characters and events to reflect the era of the time.

High Queen Elanaire Fal Tannor has not spoken in centuries.
Songs and histories speculate as to what caused this ruler of the Court of Tears, and Queen of Tellarianne, a center of music, culture, art, and love, such persistent grief.
What IS known is that the King was lost during this time. While the Queen continued the royal line and is still a beautiful, awe inspiring woman of untold regal bearing, she is the last true blood Fal Tannor, and has watched many generations of her children grow old and die.

Over a century ago, the Dwarves of Norungarr ruled the mountains. The riches and beauty and wonders they crafted there are beyond the words of the most gifted bards. King Norungarr traded freely with the surrounding kingdoms and it was a time of great prosperity.
Then came the goblin-kin and the Great Goblin War. In vast numbers, they swarmed through the dwarven strongholds like ants. It took many years, and the help of elven allies, but the Goblin Horde was dispersed. Sadly, the Dwarven Kingdom was all but destroyed. Unable to repair the damage to their Strongholds, or protect them from the horrors in the deep, the Dwarves were forced to leave the mountains. Many fled north to harsh Dorminarr or corrupt Faelos. Others were embraced by the Silent Queen of Telarianne. Their leaders became the Dwarven Lords, nobility of the Kingdom, and they became part of the land’s society.

The only true religion in the Realm is the worship of the Goddess. Though there are countless regional views on how this should be done and what divine aspects of the Earth Mother are more spiritually important. While preservation of nature is paramount, there can be darker ways for this to be achieved. There are occasional cults that worship false idols or (in some cases) even some greater being, but the Goddess’ power is absolute, and such affronts to her glory never last.

History and Religion

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