Tag: Slavers


  • Rennick Zammere

    The crafty and scheming leader of the slavers band, and representative of an organization called the Crimson Talon. Captured and allowed to walk free.

  • Crusher

    _"Why won't you die?!"_ Deadly half-orc slaver. Killed by the arrows of the mysterious woodsman, Nell.

  • Vorstegg

    Two pick fighting dwarven mountain ranger. One of the twin brother guides of the slaver band. Cut down by Lady Iarien while locked in combat with Lord Falel.

  • Nendegg

    _"YOU KILLED MY BROTHER!"_ Heavy crossbow wielding dwarven ranger. One of the slaver band's twin brother mountain guides. Obsessed with killing Falel, believing it was the dwarf mercenary who slew his brother.

  • Haellan

    _"Swift defeat to my enemies."_ A dangerous true blood elven archer in possession of a deadly elven Oathbow. As this member of the Amrodelle works with the salver band, the Realm has led him down a twisted path indeed. Eventually slain by Baelas after …