Tag: Herond


  • Eldryn Herond

    _"I'm not sure that's such a good idea, Iarien."_ The dim witted son of widower Duke Lucien Herond and brother of Iarien, who befriended Ronan and Milo during their youth spent at Court. While slow, Eldryn has the heart of ten men.

  • Lady Iarien Herond

    Iarien is the child of Duke Lucian Herond and Princess Yasha Fal Tannor. The Duke has always been a stoic and sensible nobleman, which has resulted in some curiosity as to how he had ever won the Princess' hand in marriage. Princess Yasha was said to not …

  • Duke Lucien Herond

    The stoic and reserved head of house Herond. Father of Iarien and Eldryn. Lucien's wife, Princess Yasha Fal Tannor, died in childbirth with Iarien.