Tag: Fal Tannor


  • Prince Ronan Fal Tannor

    Ronan was born the youngest of the five children of Prince Renar and Princess Magara. With only a distant claim to the throne (there are so very many Fal Tannors), Prince Renar has become a prominent diplomat for his Grandmother (add a bunch of Greats …

  • High Queen Elanaire Fal Tannor

    High Queen Elanaire Fal Tannor has not spoken in centuries. Songs and histories speculate as to what caused this ruler of the Court of Tears, and Queen of Tellarianne, a center of music, culture, art, and love, such persistent grief. What IS known is …

  • Eldryn Herond

    _"I'm not sure that's such a good idea, Iarien."_ The dim witted son of widower Duke Lucien Herond and brother of Iarien, who befriended Ronan and Milo during their youth spent at Court. While slow, Eldryn has the heart of ten men.

  • Prince Renar Fal Tannor

    Prince Renar is a distinguished diplomat who negotiates for the Silent Queen with the Merchant Lords of the capital. His judgement and honesty are respected throughout the Kingdom.

  • Lady Iarien Herond

    Iarien is the child of Duke Lucian Herond and Princess Yasha Fal Tannor. The Duke has always been a stoic and sensible nobleman, which has resulted in some curiosity as to how he had ever won the Princess' hand in marriage. Princess Yasha was said to not …

  • Milo Boggs

    Baron Lucas Morovan was a influential and noble lord of Fal Tannor. The Morovans have always been a proud and noble House and strong defenders of the crown. Lucas’ bride, the beautiful and cunning Baroness Sharell Morovan, gave him two children – Kalladd, …

  • Lord Falel Dorcral

    Over a century ago, the Dwarves of Norungarr ruled the mountain. The riches and beauty and wonders they crafted there are beyond the words of the most gifted bards. King Norungarr traded freely with the surrounding kingdoms and it was a time of great …

  • Fenton

    _"Oh goodness gracious me."_ Fenton is the halfling seneschal of Prince Renar's household in Fal Tannor. While very capable, Fenton is painfully uptight and overworked.

  • Duke Lucien Herond

    The stoic and reserved head of house Herond. Father of Iarien and Eldryn. Lucien's wife, Princess Yasha Fal Tannor, died in childbirth with Iarien.

  • High Priestess Erianna Nalarian

    _"Protect the Goddess, protect your friends, and protect yourself, for it is your Calling."_ The High Priestess of the Temple of the Goddess in Fal Tannor is known to be the most intelligent woman in the Tellarianne. Her divinations are said to be the …

  • Baroness Sharell Morovan

    _"That is no son of mine."_ The Baroness is head of House Morovan, beloved mother of her children Kalladd and Deledra, and not so beloved step-mother of Milo Boggs. Though thought of quite highly in Court, she has made her opinions of her late husband' …

  • Varden Emroth

    Varden is the ever so droll seneschal of House Morovan. He deeply respected his late master, Baron Lucas, and continues to act on what he believes Lucas's wishes would have been. Varden refers to Milo Boggs as "Little Brother", and has protected him from …

  • Professor Andar Gryst

    Andar is an elderly professor at the Tellerainne Academy of Higher Learning and Arcane Arts (or simply the Academy). His specific area of research is potions, and he over ruled Milo's expulsion from the Academy when he recognized the young gnome's alchemy …

  • Duke Lornodel Fal Tannor

    _"I hate this horrible lie as deeply as anyone. As deep as my soul is able to go. I will not let the faded memories of time make it a lie of my choosing.”_ Duke Lornodel is the Guardian of the North from his seat in Castle Brinnigarr. He is a …

  • Morgan

    _"It's alright, m'lord. I can make it."_ Resilient red coat guard of House Fal Tannor. Brought Prince Ronan north to Brinnigarr.

  • Naelo

    Resilient red coat guard of House Fal Tannor. Brought Prince Ronan north to Brinnigarr. Milo: Has had his 'One', that everybody gets.