Tag: Cassell Nadath


  • Shallesta

    _"You musn't mind, Shallesta. She just wants to kill you and eat you."_ -Merryweather A beautiful and twisted kelpie who protects Cassell Nadath and once claimed Prince Ronan's soul as her own.

  • Orren

    _"We follow where it leads."_ Orren is a aged true blood ranger, former mentor of the slaver [[:haellan]], and former owner of the [[:elven-oathbow]]. Shamed by the actions of his past, he has retreated into the Cassell Nadath.

  • Lady Sylaera

    _"I await your return, my Prince."_ Sylaera is the Lady of Cassell Nadath, taking over when the former Lady disappeared into the Wild. As a powerful and ancient nymph, Lady Sylaera is perhaps the most beautiful creature in the Realm.