Tag: Brinnigarr


  • Baelas

    In depths of the Yarneya Nadath, that the people of Fal Tannor call the Whispering Wood, many of the true blood elves live in peace among the gnomes and pixies and fey. Their lives are simple and pure, removed from the tide of civilization that has …

  • Glanir Dalral

    _"I've been for House Durig my whole career, but for now, I'm your man."_ Glanir is a caravan merchant working for House Durig. He was captured by slavers and freed by Lord Dorcral (and some other people).

  • Duke Lornodel Fal Tannor

    _"I hate this horrible lie as deeply as anyone. As deep as my soul is able to go. I will not let the faded memories of time make it a lie of my choosing.”_ Duke Lornodel is the Guardian of the North from his seat in Castle Brinnigarr. He is a …

  • Lord Allad Falasar

    Allad is a young retainer, a dashing knight, and heir to the powerful ruling family of Larenth. He is a little out of place in the North, but is trying his best.

  • Tinithael Delydd

    _"Remember, we must do what they cannot, and predict what they cannot do before they know it."_ Tinithael is the silver tongued seneschal of Castle Brinnigarr. This very intelligent, well connected, and crafty steward is trusted by the Duke, and …

  • Knight Marshall Malik Santh

    Malik is a venerable, old Lord, still just as sharp (if not as physically able) as in his youth. He is a great military mind in charge of Duke Lornodel's forces. His grandson, Galen, is studying to be his replacement.

  • Mistress Thelga

    Thelga is the very loud and very overweight absolute ruler of the Castle Brinnigarr kitchens. Goddess help the Duke if he were ever to cross her.

  • Theron Beddard

    Theron is the innkeeper of the Will-O-Wisp, and inn to the south of Brinnigarr that caters to the surrounding farmers, rangers, and travelling caravans.

  • Meneost ("Menny")

    _"I tell you, Baely, she came straight out of the shadows and had a knife right up to my throat... but I think I like her."_ Menny is a young and very eager archer. He's such a cliche. He could die at absolutely any moment.

  • Lady Jallanna Metep

    Lady Jallanna is the shining beauty of the Brinnigarr Court. She has been showing attention to Prince Ronan since his arrival.

  • Morgan

    _"It's alright, m'lord. I can make it."_ Resilient red coat guard of House Fal Tannor. Brought Prince Ronan north to Brinnigarr.

  • Naelo

    Resilient red coat guard of House Fal Tannor. Brought Prince Ronan north to Brinnigarr. Milo: Has had his 'One', that everybody gets.