Elven Oathbow

weapon (ranged)

“Swift defeat to my enemies.”

This elven composite longbow +1 (with a +2 STR bonus) whispers in the mind of any true blood elf who touches it. The weapon is ancient, and demands blood. It is a primal spirit of the Hunt. It wants the wielder to unleash it’s full power, and remains held in check until the true blood elven archer draws upon a target and speaks the oath “Swift defeat to my enemies” in their native tongue. At which point, the bow fills the archer with a surge of its primal power becoming a +3 weapon, granting an additional 1d6 damage, and crit x4 all only against that single chosen target. During the oath, the weapon is only masterwork against other targets, and the archer is -1 to attack with any other weapon.
The oath lasts 10 rounds, after which, the oath cannot be spoken again for 24 hours. The archer is drained for this entire time and suffers a -1 to all d20 rolls (attack, ability, skills, saves) for the same 24 hours. What’s more, if the archer failed to kill their sworn target after 10 rounds, the penalty increases to -4 to all d20 rolls. If the archer manages to kill this target before the 24 hours are up, the penalty goes back to -1.

AL CN, INT 10, WIS 12, CHA 14, EGO 8, Empathy bordering on Telepathy
With the Oathbow’s permission, the archer can use one of the bow’s oath charges to infuse themselves with the bow’s primal essence granting themselves +10 bonus to Intimidation checks for ten rounds. The archer is still drained for 24 hours afterwards.
If too much time has passed since the archer has made an oath to kill, the bow becomes restless, angered, and may try to possess it’s cowardly, unworthy wielder.

This item is a variation of the Oathbow found in the Pathfinder Core Rules.


Elven Oathbow

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