Prince Ronan Fal Tannor

Scholarly Prince of Court and accomplished minstrel


Ronan was born the youngest of the five children of Prince Renar and Princess Magara.
With only a distant claim to the throne (there are so very many Fal Tannors), Prince Renar has become a prominent diplomat for his Grandmother (add a bunch of Greats in there, but everyone just says Grandmother), primarily negotiating with the wealthy and powerful Merchant Lords of the Kingdom.
Ronan was often left to himself and had few responsibilities. While this sheltered existence made others consider Ronan sometimes soft or a little off, he knew where his heart guided him. Music has always spoken to Ronan in a way that words and even actions never could. Listening to the Great Minstrels and learning their ways, Ronan felt a deeper connection to all things in the Realm. It has become an obsession.

During Ronan’s youth, he was sent with most of the noble boys and girls to the palace to learn the ways of Court. Surrounded by thuggish and jealous other boys, the Prince was often picked on. Ronan tolerated this when it was directed at him, but it was not always so. A gentle, but terribly slow cousin of the Royals named Eldryn Herond was also a common victim. One day Ronan saw the older noble boys beating poor Eldryn. As one, Ronan and another odd child named Milo Boggs (a half gnomish bastard) confronted the bullies, which resulted in them turning on all three of them. While greatly outmatched, Ronan battled with heart. Eventually, Eldryn even fought back and the three held off five larger noble lads til palace staff separated them. From then on, the larger boys rarely bullied Ronan and his two companions. They were sometimes joined on childhood adventures by Eldryn’s often troublemaking sister Iarien (it was frowned upon for the young ladies to be spending too much time with the boys). Some of Ronan’s most exciting (and painfully punished) memories come from these times together.

When Ronan came of age, he enrolled in the Tellerainne Academy of Higher Learning and Arcane Arts (or simply the Academy). The massive complex of learning in Fal Tannor taught predominately cultural arts, but also trained in scholarly pursuits as well as arcane magics. In his first year, Ronan maintained his friendship with the humorous and scatter brained Milo. They shared many introductory arcane classes. However, Ronan’s primary interests were in the magical songs of the ancients, wondrous works of art so true as to possess magical properties. Fiercely intelligent Milo became obsessed with alchemy, and was often seen missing his eyebrows.

While Ronan has become an accomplished minstrel and scholar, and Milo some form of alchemist (which the Academy doesn’t give much credit to), Eldryn spends most of his time at home rather than Court, and Iarien has been sent to the Temple of the Goddess. Still, these childhood friendships have persisted.

In fact, they have been sent with Ronan.
The Prince’s parents have decided that they have been remiss in Ronan’s upbringing. They are sending him to the northern borders to “hone his combat skills.” It’s a common noble practice, but not one Ronan ever imagined would happen to him. The Prince knows many in Court still see him as the soft youngest sibling of Renar’s children. Ronan understand this is a means of toughening him up. This understanding makes it easy to accept.
What’s more, Ronan’s Great Uncle Lornodel rules the northern castle of Brinigarr. Uncle Lor is a legend. He once gave up his claim to the throne to become Guardian of the North. The tales of his battle exploits fill every Court and tavern. Ronan fondly remember the charismatic man (and his gruff but likeable companion, Jerren) during his visits. He always had time for all his nieces and nephews despite his busy schedule. He also gave the coolest presents.
So, Ronan has been given a combat instructor – a seasoned dwarf noble named Falel Dorcral (though it isn’t clear what he can teach Ronan about the use of the rapier), the Prince’s cousin Iarien for “spiritual guidance” and Milo for… I dunno, “drinking and whoring guidance”. It all smacks of parental arranged companionship, but Ronan’s grateful for it.

Prince Ronan Fal Tannor

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