Legacy of Tears

The Journey North

“Now THIS, Ronan, is a true adventure!”

The party learns Prince Ronan is being sent to his legendary uncle Duke Lornodel Fal Tannor in Brinnigarr to serve with the Northern Guard for a season. After four days of travel across Tellarainne, they encounter a frenzied team of hobgoblins and dire wolves on the road, and are assisted by members of the Duke’s Rangers (led by the true blood elf, Baelas). They get comfortable meeting folk at the castle, which includes a banquet held by the Duke. Iarien is sent by the High Priestess Ithara to “borrow” a book from the castle library, but is caught by Seneschal Tinithael while returning it. Falel meets the dwarven merchant, Glanir Dalral under House Durig, taking goods north through the pass. Glanir tells Falel the rumours that Duke Durig’s daughter, Lady Ovthal Durig, has possibly found a lost dwarven stronghold of magical power.



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