Legacy of Tears

Assault on the Outpost of the Crimson Talon - Part 2

Overcoming ancient traps, the party descends into the sewers of the Lost Dwarven Stronghold. Another secret door leads down cavernous and seemingly organic corridors, dripping with slime. In a huge chamber filled with tunnelled holes, the party is set upon by giant spider-like creatures with spiked armoured shells. As the creatures are slain, their dark masters appear – foul, four armed, chitinous plated monstrosities carve through the party and slay the merchant Glanir. Their bite causes paralysis, and they attempt to implant embryos in those who fall (Xill). Barely able to overcome these foes, the party drags Glanir’s body back to their secret cave and tend to their wounds.
In their second excursion into the sewers, they discover the nightmarish breeding pit of these creatures. Piles of strange outlander bodies, like the freed slave Charles (human), lay eaten from the inside out. Tentacled horrors protect the young, and the party kills them all.
Beyond this, the damaged Stronghold sewers are more intact and still in some form of use. Through their caved in maze, the group encounters a hobgoblin band, led by a skilled warrior, a shaman, and a pair of ogres. After a heated battle, the party finds a crude barracks able to hold many goblinoids, the silver these mercenaries were paid with, and stairs that lead up into the fabled Stronghold proper.


Looking forward to getting back to this awesome campaign Pinto.


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